Director:  Tatum Shank

Screenwriter:  Tatum Shank

Genre:  Drama


After losing his father, a depressed clown struggles to move on with life alone and battles with the loss of all hope. 


Director:  Tatum Shank

Screenwriter:  Tatum Shank

Genre:  Military Tribute


We Salute You  is a video tribute to all past, present and future military personnel, along with their families, for sacrificing so much of themselves and doing what they do to defend freedom.


Director:  Tatum Shank

Screenwriter:  Tatum Shank

Genre:  Drama/Military Tribute


A short film dedicated to all those in our armed forces who have sacrificed so much and never received the proper thank you or recognition. Thank you for your service.



Director:  Tatum Shank

Playwright:  Tatum Shank

Genre:  Family Dramedy

Shortly after moving from Los Angeles to Seattle, Joseph (Clint Carter) and Elizabeth Carmichael (Natalie Plant), along with their daughters, are forced to deal with an unimaginable circumstance. Joseph promptly shuts out his family, turns his back on God and throws himself into his work while Elizabeth finds solace in the company of John (Douglas Myers), the agnostic next-door neighbor. As things continue to spiral out of control for Joseph he must brace  himself for the real trials about to begin with the arrival of some very unlikely visitors.


For the 2011 Christmas Season at Media City Church in Burbank, CA, Cross Light Productions produced an exclusive two-week run of the three-act stage play. Whether it was working with the sets, lights, sound, props, wardrobe, make-up or being a part of the stage crew Table of the Heart allowed for a vast array of opportunities for church members to get involved in this unique experience and be a part of a special ministry outreach program. The play’s four performances drew in over 500 attendees from the congregation, other churches and the surrounding community.  


"Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of your heart."  

Proverbs 3:3



Director:  Deirdre Smith

Screenwriters:  Peace Quest Inc. Cast

Genre:  Drama

Based on the critically acclaimed play Dear Child, the feature film Love Always, tells the story of three generations, three families and one very special book.  


"Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."  I Corinthians 4:6-7

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